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Link to the Veni Vidi Vici blog   A selection of painting services who asked to be listed on the Veni Vidi Vici site.  
A guide to painting model figures by Dave Smith   An example of basing a Flames of War US Infantry company  
A guide to horse colours      
Examples of Army lists, including pictures
Ancient Armies
40K Armies
Fantasy Armies
WW2 Armies
Sumerian   Alpha Legion   Skaven   FOW USA armoured Inf
New Kingdom Egyptian   Nurgle Chaos Marines   Brettonian    
Greek   Black Templar   Beastmen    
Macedonian   Tyranid   Empire    
Imperial Roman   Dark Eldar        
Crusader   Blood Angels        
Norman   Steel Legion        
Indian   Sisters of Battle        
Hun (Nomad Horde)            
Other events like special games I have been involved in
A tale of 7 Samurai - demo game at Games Day   Magnetic basing for figures

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None at present    

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